About Thomas J. Sims, MD

Thomas J. Sims - physician, actor, and author - began his career as a family physician in rural Oregon after leaving the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic where he spent two life-changing years working as a frontier bush doctor in and around the city of Nome.

Tom chronicles his adventures and adaptation to life and work in the Arctic in an exciting new memoir "On Call in the Arctic: A Doctor's Pursuit of Life, Love and Miracles in the Alaska Frontier" - a high adventure, inspirational story readers won't want to miss.

Tom was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where he studied Zoology and Creative Writing at UCLA. He received his M.D. degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Tom met his wife, Patricia, at UCLA and they married after Tom completed his first year of medical school.

Tom and his wife live in Palm Springs, California and in the mountains of Oregon. They share their lives with Zamora - a devilish black cat - and a heavenly little red Shih-Tzu boy named Lucifer. In addition to practicing medicine, Tom loves dogs, fishing, writing, and all aspects of the performing arts. Tom is currently writing a novel.

Tom's acting and writing credits - 

While working as a family doctor in Oregon Tom made time to write numerous magazine articles, a medical teaching syllabus, a diagnostic software program that helped doctors treat patients with chronic headaches, and a book entitled "Heart Clogs and Other Things Along the Same Vein". He also participated in more than fifteen first rate performing art productions on the stage and screen.

Tom's theatrical works include starring roles in "The King and I", "Agatha Christi's Ten Little Indians", "Neal Simon's California Suite", "Oliver", "Up the Down Staircase" and "Sordid Lives" to name just a few.

Most recently, Tom has played major theater roles in both Palm Springs, California (for which he was nominated as "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy" by The Desert Theatre League) and in Oregon. He was featured in a Public Service Announcement for national TV and internet distribution that dealt with adults giving alcohol to minors, and he played a part in the major Hollywood film "Next"

 starring Nicholas Cage and Julianne Moore. As an Executive Producer, Tom has worked on two Independent Films - "Gunnar" and "Defiant".

Tom is now a full-time writer, thrilled his memoir has found a home at Pegasus Books (New York & London). He looks forward to spreading his story of adaptation and work in the Arctic around the world by giving inspirational speeches and book signings around the country.


Since publication of his book, Tom has appeared on radio, print and TV around the country including the popular “Think Out Loud” program of OPB – Oregon Public Radio. In October 2018 he was awarded a writing position with Psychology Today blogging under the title "Under Extreme Circumstances" 

Tom also writes a free online health-tips newsletter called "Doc Talk Today" and invites everyone reading his bio to join for free at www.DocTalkToday.com.


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