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Would you like us to give an 'Author Event' with book signing at your bookstore or organization. Or how about a visit to your bookclub?


We love visiting our readers, and can do it in person or via SKYPE or FaceTime.


Just use the form above to tell us what you'd like and we will get back to you!




Also, we just love hearing from our readers. What are your thoughts about our our website and "On Call in the Arctic". Did you enjoy the book? Would you like to read more of Tom's books?


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  • If you would like to use "On Call in the Arctic" in your book club, please let me know. We have a list of possible discussion topics to send you if you'd like. And let's discuss a personal visit to your club - either in person, SKYPE, or FaceTime.


  • Would you like to schedule me to speak at your church, your event or business, or your club?


  • Did you like the book?  Why? Whynot?


  • Did you write an Amazon review?  If yes, thanks! If not, please consider doing so 'cause they really help!


Ask us anything you'd like. We've love to hear from you.







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