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Ever since its publication by Pegasus Books in September 2018, my book has opened many wonderful doors and I've met many wonderful people. From appearances on TV and radio to presentations at bookstores and visits to book clubs, it has been my pure joy to share my experiences with so many. Now, I would like to share some of my memories with you, and I hope you enjoy the ride.
Latest Bookclub visits -
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Eye on the Desert TV show

My publicist got me several radio interviews around the U.S. but none were as exciting or productive as my appearance on the Palm Springs television show "EYE ON THE DESERT". Here's a few pictures I was able to get just before my turn to be on the show.

Eye on the Desert set

The host and two Hollywood film producers who appear just before me.

OPB Guest Appearance

The biggest and most successful promotional opportunity I've had thus far was my January 31st appearance on Oregon Public Broadcast - OPB - with the show "Think Out Loud".  OPB is an NPR (National Public Radio) affiliate and my broadcast was heard around the country. I received many nice letters about the 45 minute interview I had with host Dave Miller with one email even coming all the way from Paris, France.

Whoever would have thought I'd be on National Public Radio??

A couple of shots taken from the OPB Green Room where guests relax before they go on the air.

Book signings and book clubs

Last week I had a great book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Palm Desert, California. I was fortunate to sell many books, meet some interesting people, and even run into some old friends from my previous home town!  I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful opportunities that have come my way because my memoir was published. 

Posters for events

Desert Writers Expo

The EXPO was a grand success. The captain from "The Love Boat" was our guest celebrity and the event was well attended. Here's a few pictures . . .

My tablemate Allen
The "Captain" - actor Gavin MacLeod
We had a very nice crowd!


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